For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of executive search, consulting, and M&A pursuits with some of the most successful companies in the world.


Executive recruiters


OSI prides itself on its deep longstanding relationships with industry leaders and in-depth understanding of various vertical businesses and their adopted cultures. These established, collaborative relationships paired with our substantial industry expertise is what sets us apart from other firms.

1 More Than Recruiters, We’re Trusted Partners

At OSI, we act as trusted advisors and partners to our clients’ executive leadership. Our “seat at the table” ethos intertwines our firm with their strategies, dramatically increasing the rate of success for each engagement. Our goal is to understand our clients so deeply, that we are able to provide insights for growth scenarios, which can result in acquisitions as well as revenue development.

2 Boutique Firm, Big Results

As a boutique firm, OSI works closely with our clients to execute their business initiatives. We begin with a thorough understanding of their vision and culture, then apply our deep expertise of current and future market conditions tailored to each specific engagement. This highly focused approach allows for repeated successes, resulting in market dominance within their sectors.

3 Impacting Global Change

OSI has a proven track record of placing visionary, influential leaders and teams across various firms, sectors, and geographies. We strive to effect change and have done so within some of the world’s most notable firms deploying our ability to anticipate our clients’ needs, sometimes before they recognize them themselves. We find and engage luminaries, placing them within environments in which they create lasting success and greater sector dominance.



OSI is a trusted partner of Financial Services institutions, Management Consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and well-funded startups.

Retained Search

We have completed numerous high-profile searches, including Partner, Director, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CCO, CAO, SVP, VP, Project Manager, Business and Group Leaders with an emphasis on Strategy Consulting and Leaders of Divisions on a global scale. When you need efficiency, accuracy, and guaranteed results, OSI will be your retained partner/

Corporate Expansion

Long-term success. The middle ground between acquiring new team and acquiring a new company is opening another office somewhere else in the country/world or expanding an offering that complements the current operations. It is necessary to redistribute some of the current resources so that the newly established office can operate, and it is also necessary to supply the new office with the best local talent to ensure long-term success.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In a global environment. To compete in an ever changing world, companies need to think carefully about the future. Properly assembling their assets is essential to create lasting value for their shareholders

Contingency Search

When you have a high-volume search or seek mid-level executives to drive the success of your business, OSI’s exclusive contingency search delivers cost-effective results within your critical time frame.

Consulting Search

We maintain a pool of highly skilled strategy and management consultants and high-level executives with varying industries of expertise for your short-term or long-term professional needs. These talented and experienced consultants function as complex problem solvers and can bring lasting value to your organization.

Our Team

Our people are the foundation for launching sophisticated horizontal / vertical search and verification processes that analyze who in the marketplace is the best technical, academic, and cultural fit.

OSI is led by Steve Warren, who has spent more than 25 years consulting multi-billion dollar entities to bring their vision to life. Our executive recruitment team has been handpicked from top-tier academia, such as Columbia, Duke, and NYU, by our CEO. Our international recruiter base comes from United States, Europe, and Asia.

Steve Warren

President & CEO

Ashley Dean

Executive Search Specialist

Giovanni Cunningham

Executive Search Specialist

Clara Santos

Executive Search Intern

Katherine Chen

Executive Search Intern

Esha Peer

Executive Search Intern


Financial Services

We partner with banks, hedge funds, asset managers, consulting companies, insurance companies, and governments to locate and attract critical leaders. These talented leaders possess the acumen to drive success in almost any environment.

Professional Services

As a professional service provider, we understand the intricacies of service firms and the expertise required to become distinguished. Professional service providers bring years of wisdom to your firm and add significant value to your company immediately.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The customer has never been more right than they are today, and CPG and Retail companies have no choice but to cater to and forge personalized connections with them. Whether your business is a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate or an up and coming startup, OSI can partner with you to identify and attract top executives across a myriad of industries and functions.


OSI partners with both public and private healthcare companies in order to build infrastructure and accelerate growth. The leading companies in the industry understand that successful management must have a firm understanding of both the medical space and the technological aspects of the industry. We represent individuals with a proven track record of outstanding results.

Life Sciences

We partner both with established companies in the industry and consulting firms assisting those companies. OSI represents people who specialize in fields such as biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical engineering, etc., who consistently produce results in competitive environments.

Energy & Resources

Energy amounts to the world’s largest asset. A single digit percentage move in the market can signify billions of dollars lost or gained. Thus, those Energy & Resources subject matter experts are key to the world’s economy and OSI knows that the top 10% professionals in the field who consistently add value to top and bottom lines of their respective organizations.

Telecommunications, Media, & Technology (TMT)

TMT is used by investment bankers, investors, traders and other market participants and fits perfectly into our knowledge base.

Emerging Technology

At OSI, we understand the complexities of emerging technologies; as such, we have allotted them their own category.