Financial Services

Many of our engagements are within financial services.

We partner with banks, hedge funds, asset managers, consulting companies, insurance companies, and governments to locate and attract critical leaders. These talented leaders possess the acumen to drive success in almost any environment.

Corporate & Investment Banking

OSI partners with top banks to find professionals who have a proven track record of increasing profits and decreasing overhead costs. These individuals also bring extensive professional networks to the table, driving significant growth to the practice. Many of our targets are investment professionals capable of raising significant capital in Venture and Private Equity.


Whether your specialty is Life or P&C, OSI has a decade long, deep repository of senior strategists, actuaries, investment managers, and heads of sales to ensure that we can instantly cater to whatever might be your growth strategy.


OSI has placed numerous payments specialists in Banking, FinTech, and Strategy Consulting who have a shrewd understanding of the industry. As cash fades into the background, and new technologies emerge, many companies need experts who understand the payments infrastructure.

Core Banking

OSI has helped some of the largest banking conglomerates build out entire practices.  Due to our extensive partnerships with top world banks, we have a myriad of resources, and immediate access to senior-level talent.  

Hedge Funds & Asset Management

We represent top-tiered professionals of all levels who can ensure asset growth, optimization, and protection. Portfolio managers, wealth managers, and asset managers have impeccable relationship-building skills and a mind for juggling and developing different variables. OSI services the front office of both traditional and quantitative strategies, including, but not limited to, long/short equity, credit, MBS/ABS. and debt.


Professional Services

As a professional service provider, we understand the intricacies of service firms and the expertise required to become distinguished.