Mergers & Acquisitions

In a global environment.

To compete in an ever changing world, companies need to think carefully about the future.  Properly assembling their assets is essential to create lasting value for their shareholders

A successful Leader designates an unwavering strategic vision that will maximize their synergistic components.  This assemblage is often times achieved with a successful merger or acquisition.  More than simply evaluating raw numbers, multiple aspects of the target firms’ composition must also be analyzed to achieve an optimal fit scenario. At this juncture,  OSI’s 25 years of deep relationships with a cross-section of global entities can provide the critical “inside” story necessary to make a well informed decision. Our intimate knowledge of the target firm’s texture and culture along with spot-on revealing information of key players  critical for the success of the firm.  We are the consultants who provide our clients with a unique strategic advantage in choosing a targeted acquisition.  Once identified, we are experts at attracting and delivering these assets who will undoubtedly fit perfectly.

The decision doesn’t stop there.

Finding a company that is willing to sell at the price you want to pay as well as complement your existing organization? We can  leverage our global relationships and charge a fraction of the cost a bank will to get you there.

Confident that our skills exceed those of larger firms.

The process of identifying and closing the best firms to acquire is a similar process to that of  finding the best people to run your business. OSI’s professional team hyper focuses only on your business which guarantees a successful merger or acquisition each step of the way.

“Over the last year I have been working with the OSI team to fill a variety of roles. OSI has had great success placing SUPERSTAR candidates with us at AlixPartners.”

- SARAH WARREN, People Business Partner Manager


Corporate Expansion

The middle ground between acquiring new team and acquiring a new company is opening another office somewhere else in the country/world or expanding an offering that complements the current operations.