Corporate Expansion

Long-term success.

The middle ground between acquiring new team and acquiring a new company is opening another office somewhere else in the country/world or expanding an offering that complements the current operations. It is necessary to redistribute some of the current resources so that the newly established office can operate, and it is also necessary to supply the new office with the best local talent to ensure long-term success.


When we partner with you to expand  your business, we first become familiar with the environment and the infrastructure of the new geographic location. In addition, we apply your cultural requirements to our filtering process when  looking for the best skill-fit. We partner with the top firms in the market, supplying you with only the best professionals, and there isn’t a continent where we haven’t landed. We have helped companies grow from nothing to over $10 billion  in annual revenueThe first year of a new entity, department, or an office is crucial for its long-term success, so don’t wait for a downturn to partner with us. Allow us to help you find the best people so you can focus on building your business.

“[OSI] sourced hundreds of people for me and my team. Each of these was a highly competitive endeavor because we wanted the best from our competition. Many of the leaders in the business today are professionals OSI sourced. Thank you for your partnership over the last decade.”

- MILES EVERSON, Former Advisory Chairman


Retained Search

Precision is critical when hiring the leaders who will shape the future of your firm, and in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, the stakes have never been higher.