Risk, Legal & Compliance

Most pressing needs for some of OSI’s global clients in Financial Services and Technology companies, are related to risk and compliance.

We have placed heads of cybersecurity, Chief Compliance Officers, and similar high-ranking leaders in our multi-billion-dollar partners. While uncertainty cannot always be quantified, limiting exposure is always available in the eyes of experts in risk management. These professionals with whom we have close relationships have an impeccable understanding of business processes paired with an insatiable thirst for certainty. They are rare, loyal, and hard to find.

OSI has a network of people that make sure your only legal expenses are your Legal & Compliance department salaries. Companies who don’t adapt to most recent changes quickly realize they pay handsomely for them afterwards. Your legal department is your most reliable resource when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with the regulatory institutions. The compliance department is often deemed as the “internal police,” and it is critical for industries with high probabilities of misdemeanor and “rule-bending” such as Technology and Financial Services.


Front Office

OSI’s 25+ years representing top-tier front office professionals provides an unequalled opportunity for both clients and candidates alike to reach their desired goals.