Back Office

Whether your firm is looking for a C-level executive in the back office or a head a specific department, OSI is fully equipped to partner with you on your most pressing needs.

Internal operations are the backbone of every good organization and with technology rapidly advancing and market dynamics frequently changing, it is crucial to secure the most reliable resources in the right positions. OSI ensures that you are provided with the professionals who add the most value to your top and bottom line.

Because we partner with industry leaders in all parts of the globe, we can quickly conduct the search and present you with absolutely the best back office experts. OSI understands that back office alignment with cutting edge technology is now equally important as are detail orientation and impeccable customer service. This is why we present only professionals that proved they can do all of the above.


Private Equity & Venture Capital

OSI helps Private Equity and Venture Capital funds capture the exact right executives for their portfolio companies.