C-Suite Executives

The public calls them the ‘face of the company’, their employees call them their leaders, and we call them our friends.

There is nothing more important for a company than to have a C-Suite full of incredibly smart and driven people who understand exactly the impact of their actions on the company’s bottom line. Over more than 25 years, OSI has been nurturing relationships with the best of the best of CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, COOs, CIOs… There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to C-level professionals, and that is why we never stop expanding our network of carefully curated, accomplished executives.

We have partnered with executives in multi-billion-dollar conglomerates as well as early-stage funded startups and have been successful in every engagement thus far because of our unique approach. That is starting every search with a fresh perspective and covering all the bases before initiating the project. We have done business in almost every industry sector across all continents but never utilize the same strategy twice because your business is unique, and we treat it as such.


Board of Directors

OSI is partnering with the exact thought leaders that play a part in the ongoing structural mindset change of reporting.