Retained Search


Precision is critical when hiring the leaders who will shape the future of your firm, and in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, the stakes have never been higher.

Highly responsive to client’s sense of urgency.

OSI treats every client as though they are our only client, ranging from global organizations to heavily funded startups. We are highly responsive, laser-focused, and exclusively dedicated. We refuse to work with any two companies in the same industry and marketplace at the same time as to do so would detract from our ethical standards of immersion and integrity.

Global network of industry professionals.

Our global network of industry professionals and unique research capabilities allow us to deliver a diverse array of skill sets demanded by the most complex organizations. Each of our search engagements is customized to your firm’s specific objectives. While you may not read about us in the news, we are very well known within the leadership teams of our multi-billion dollar clients.

We have completed high-profile searches.

We have completed numerous high-profile searches, including Partner, Director, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CCO, CAO, SVP, VP, Project Manager, Business and Group Leaders with an emphasis on Strategy Consulting and Leaders of Divisions on a global scale. When you need efficiency, accuracy, and guaranteed results, OSI will be your retained partner.

“Thanks so much for bringing Miranda to us (our new [global] Head of HR) and your investment in PwC. I’m really excited to work with her and to take our Sourcing organization to the next level. I also want to express my appreciation for all the amazing talent you’ve brought to the firm over the years. Thanks again!!”

- MIKE KOEHNEMAN, Global Advisory COO

"The interesting thing about life is you never know how an action you take may impact the life of another. That said, I want to let you know how profoundly you affected mine.

So 4 ½ years ago I was well engrossed in a demanding career with one of the leading global electronics companies as Sr VP. While the experience was rewarding it had, upon reflection, taken a toll on my health and life balance. To demonstrate this point, as I returned home after a long business trip, I sat down with my son who looked upset. I said, “Conner you know that we are buddies and buddies can talk about anything”. Conner, in turn, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yeah, but you’re not home a lot Dad”. At that moment, I realized my life was out of balance. On the spot, I made a decision to try and change my life.

Within a matter of weeks you found the perfect role with the top Satellite Radio Company in the world. Let’s flip forward two years: My life balance is back, with much less travel. Connor is now in 2nd grade and his assignment was to write an essay about the most important person in his life. He chose to write about his ‘Dad’, and I quote, “My Dad plays with me, my Dad teaches me things and my Dad even got a new job so we could spend more time together”. Well, there is nothing more satisfying than this moment of my life. At that moment I truly learned that knowing the right thing to do is not enough – actually doing it is the key.

Let me open one last chapter. Last year I was diagnosed with a terminal form of Cancer. My prognosis, unfortunately, is three years, of which I have already enjoyed (truly enjoyed) one. My renewed emphasis on Faith, Family and Friends cannot be overstated. So what does this have to do with that? Because I had rebalanced my life, I was able to deal with this news head on. I could not imagine dealing with this life changing reality in a backdrop of untended gardens and broken relationships.

So, how can one person affect the life of another? Now you know and for that, I am eternally grateful to you, Steve. You can’t imagine how positively you affected the quality of my and my family’s life through your encouragement, sensitivity and professionalism. Thank you so much."

- DOUG PERGAMENT , Vice President & General Manager, Automotive Partnerships


Contingency Search

OSI’s exclusive contingency search delivers cost-effective results within your critical time frame.