Emerging Technology

At OSI, we understand the complexities of emerging technologies; as such, we have allotted them their own category.

Although emerging technologies have previously been associated with startups, many large corporations have shifted to a model of internal development. This is where OSI helps by representing only the most highly regarded technology leaders.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML)

AI / ML has a great need for qualified professionals. OSI recognizes this need. We find genuine subject matter experts capable of leading organizations.


The experts OSI partners with have a firm grasp of computer networking and can ensure protection against loss of data, a large threat in today’s world. We speak the language of cybersecurity, and this enables us to keep a rolodex of C-level executives in the IT security sector, while also staying on top of evolving trends. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

OSI has partnered with numerous startups utilizing the SaaS business model. We have placed numerous C-level executives who help them scale growth and profitability. This has enabled us to accumulate one of the largest databases of C-level executives in the SaaS space in the world.

Data Science

We represent established leaders in the data science industry. We partner with both multi-billion-dollar conglomerates and recently financed startups. Our best work is placing C-level executives in the space.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Innovative thinkers are needed to merge age-old ideas with new technology. These experts usually start a company around their patented idea, but there are many such experts in the corporate world working hard to make the standard items we use “smart”.


Financial Services

We partner with banks, hedge funds, asset managers, consulting companies, insurance companies, and governments to locate and attract critical leaders.