Corporate Development & Strategy

OSI has a worldwide network of senior strategy consultants from all the top strategy consulting firms.

Our network comes from working with the most prestigious firms in the world for whom we have captured the best in class Partners and Directors. Consulting is one of the industries in which we have placed many hundreds of partners globally. We were able to identify those hard-to-find individuals because of our diligent and discreet approach to each search. Additionally, we have been nurturing those relationships over decades and understand intimate and exacting attributes necessary to choose for your unique needs.

When companies need a quick and precise turnaround and need to find a solution for their business problem yesterday, they turn to world-class consultants to design the strategy or executive it. However, when the need is ongoing or expected to last for more than a year, hiring an internal strategist makes more sense. These are the leaders who have the credentials to lead the company through uncertain times and steer the ship through turbulent waters while navigating expertly to the desired destination. These are exactly the subject matter experts OSI represents and can provide quickly.


Risk, Legal & Compliance

Most pressing needs for some of OSI’s global clients in Financial Services and Technology companies, are related to risk and compliance.