Private Equity & Venture Capital

OSI helps Private Equity and Venture Capital funds capture the exact right executives for their portfolio companies.

We find these talented leaders through extensive research and world-wide connections generated over decades of partnerships. In addition, because of our extensive background in Financial Services, we are able to provide senior and mid-level resources that will add value to your investment.

For your portfolio companies to efficiently scale or undergo a successful turnaround, experts in growth or turnaround are necessary to navigate to a successful exit. OSI excels at providing those experts both for established incumbents as well as for incoming disruptors. The management team is one of the central reasons for a successful investment, but frequently, a shift might be required to achieve the target company’s full potential within the timeframe envisioned.


C-Suite Executives

The public calls them the ‘face of the company’, their employees call them their leaders, and we call them our friends.