Front Office

OSI’s 25+ years representing top-tier front office professionals provides an unequalled opportunity for both clients and candidates alike to reach their desired goals.

We provide our clients subject matter experts across Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Corporate Business Development, and Asset Management. We do that with an unparalleled competitive advantage by tapping into our network of proven resources. Revenue production is the lifeblood of any institution, and without best in class leadership, businesses rightly fail. We represent the unique few who are at the pinnacle of their game.

The proper cultural fit and subject matter expertise, along with outstanding sales proficiency, form the triangle that drives best-in-class performance. Finding the intersection of these combined characteristics within the front office completes the winning formula. When we partner with you, we make certain to understand exactly the fit necessary to succeed, and we look both within as well as outside our global network to present these rare and distinguished individuals. We promise that our unique focus will produce extraordinary results for every search effort we take on.


Back Office

Whether your firm is looking for a C-level executive in the back office or a head a specific department, OSI is fully equipped to partner with you on your most pressing needs.