Telecommunications, Media, & Technology (TMT)

TMT is used by investment bankers, investors, traders and other market participants and fits perfectly into our knowledge base.

Because OSI has an illustrious 25 year history of working with prestigious financial firms as well as a broad landscape of diverse technology firms; we have played major roles in identifying and consulting with best of breed esteemed clients including all subsectors such as; semiconductors, hardware, software, mobile, Internet, and networking.  Instant communication is a necessity in today’s trading platforms who rely upon real time information availability and vital for Algorithmic traders to work globally. OSI has been at the cutting edge of advanced technology deployment and has served as a strategic partner to many TMT initiatives over several decades.

Internet & Technology

OSI has been at the forefront of technology since the dawn of computers strait through to the internet of things. Technology has spurred all industries’ growth and enabled a leaner approach to operations. Experts in technology apply rigorous streamlining and create tremendous value and we are lucky to know and represent these extraordinary professionals.

Media & Entertainment

OSI has worked with some of the most prominent entertainment companies, and thus we understand the expertise needed to excel in a leadership position precisely. Analytics are the bread and butter of this industry and they must be paired with an insatiable curiosity about attention in consumers.


Whenever the world gets used to a new addition to telecom infrastructure, an invention is around the corner to test its plausibility. To stay ahead of the curve, not only does OSI deliver the most prominent experts, but it acts as a consultant in the space to advise on what type of individuals are needed to achieve the company’s long-term goals.


Emerging Technology

At OSI, we understand the complexities of emerging technologies; as such, we have allotted them their own category.