Case Study: OSI’s 2 Decade Partnership with PwC

12th March 2024 | Written by Steve Warren

In the complex world of executive search, successfully identifying and placing top-tier talent is the ultimate proof of exceptional client service. OSISearch, with its impressive track record, played a crucial role in rebuilding PwC’s advisory practice after its sale to IBM in 2002. From 2002 to 2023, OSI placed more than 2,000 candidates at PwC, many of which are significant Sr Partners, MD’s and illustrious team members.  

This remarkable achievement not only highlights OSISearch’s unwavering commitment to forging enduring client relationships but also showcases its unparalleled abilities to consistently locate, represent and negotiate best of breed talent that enhances a client’s business.  

PwC Background

PwC is a renowned Big 4 management services firm which provides accounting, auditing, and advisory consulting services. In 2002, PwC sold its consulting practice to IBM and need to rebuild the advisory practice from scratch. OSI was hired as its’ exclusive search firm to rebuild this practice.

PwC’s goal was to build a more sophisticated and strategic service that would combine their operational and implementation list of services, and build a Strategy arm to compete with firms such as McKinsey. Its advisory practice would thus, become a competitor of pure strategy firms by offering its current operational implementation services spearheaded by its new Strategic service.  At that time, no Strategy firm offered this type of end-to-end service and the keynote in its new structured offering.  Buying Booze Consulting for a billion dollars became the centerpiece for this important transformation and OSI was a key player and instrumental in bringing many luminaries from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Kearney and others to them. 

Our methodology

OSISearch’s methodology is akin to a single core search engine surrounded by a one-of-a-kind recruiting and vetting process. This holistic approach involves an intricate blend of industry insights, cutting-edge technology, and a network of global connections. In the PwC business case, this methodology was present in identifying visionary leaders capable of driving PwC’s mission forward. OSISearch’s methodology hinges on remaining as flexible as necessary so that they can properly support the ever-evolving needs of their pristine clientele. OSI’s ability to consistently adapt to changing dynamics ensured that the client’s requirements are not only met but exceeded.   

PwC Search   

The true measure of success in executive search lies in the impact the placed executives make on the organization. In this case, OSISearch played a pivotal role in PwC’s growth trajectory. OSISearch took on a global effort in placing partners, MDs, directors, and managers in multiple business lines and sourced many Partners and became the “go-to” recruiting partner across four continents. Partners that OSI placed with PwC bring in more than $3 billion in recurring revenue to the firm.  


The PwC business case stands as a shining example of OSISearch’s ability to understand and align with the mission of its clients. By creating value-add relationships, employing a flexible methodology, and delivers exceptional results, OSISearch continues to solidify its reputation as a leading executive search firm, poised to elevate organizations to new heights. 

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